kontextfrei is a Scala library that aims to provide developers with a faster feedback loop when developing Apache Spark applications. To achieve that, it enables you to write the business logic of your Spark application, as well as your test code, against an abstraction over Spark’s RDD.

Firing up a SparkContext and running your unit tests in a local Spark cluster is really slow. kontextfrei frees you from this hard dependency on a SparkContext. By programming your business logic against an API that abstracts over Spark’s RDD, you can execute your unit tests against Scala collections instead of RDDs, leading to a much faster feedback cycle during development.

By providing an API that is virtually identical to Spark’s RDD API, developers already familiar with Spark do not have to learn a new API to benefit from kontextfrei.

This website serves as the hub for all things kontextfrei – how to use it, who is using it, and how to contribute to the development of this project.

The source code for this page can be found here.